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Mock Meditation Discussing with a man

Best Practices: 

Mastering Mediation
Gain Invaluable Real-World Mediation Experience

Prepare for mediation and build your skills 

Are you a new mediator looking to build confidence before taking on paid cases? Or an experienced mediator who wants to keep your skills sharp? Our mock mediation practice group provides the perfect low-stakes environment to hone your mediation talents.

Get better at every session 

Our comprehensive program consists of multiple small group sessions. Each interactive session allows you to rotate through mediating, observing, and role-playing different scenarios. You'll tackle disputes ranging from workplace conflicts to divorce mediations and more. Kimberly Best will provide guidance, feedback, and insights to help you develop essential skills like building rapport, reframing, and achieving resolution.

This LIVE training is essential for every mediator seeking to improve their practice and business -- and the only series of its kind.

Mock Meditation Meeting With Staff

What to Expect

  • Limited to 6 participants 

  • 12 total hours practice time

  • Two 6-hour practice groups

  • Scenarios will include both family and civil cases

  • Participants will experience time in the roles of mock mediator, party to the matter, and observer

  • Work through every stage of mediation

  • Certificate of Participation included 

  • $499 per session

Saturday, June 15, 10am - 4pm CT &
Saturday, June 22, 10am - 4pm CT


  • Practice facilitating mock disputes with realistic scenarios and role-players

  • Get constructive feedback from experienced mediator coaches 

  • Build your mediation style through repetition in a safe setting

  • Experiment with techniques without the pressure of an actual case

  • Network and learn from fellow mediators at different experience levels

What You'll Learn


Conflict resolution strategies.

Building rapport and trust.

How to facilitate effective communication.

Effective Questioning.

Understand and manage emotions. 

De-escalating tensions.

Dealing with difficult behaviors.

Collaborative problem-solving.

Negotiating skills.

Drafting agreements.

Self-awareness and self-regulation.

Why Practice Your Mediation Skills?

By the end of the sessions, participants should feel more confident in their ability to facilitate mediation and be better prepared to handle a variety of conflict scenarios with skill and professionalism.


Each session builds upon the last, reinforcing key concepts while introducing new skills, ensuring comprehensive learning throughout the


3 Person In A Meeting

We understand that one of the biggest challenges you face post-training is finding opportunities to observe and participate in real mediations to refine your skills.


Address this need head-on, providing a supportive environment where you can engage in realistic simulations, observe a variety of mediation styles, and apply

your learning hands-on.

A spacious room with people seats and tables

With us, you won’t just practice; you’ll receive valuable feedback, connect with peers, and build a network that will support you throughout your journey as a mediator.


Whether you’re looking to polish your techniques, gain confidence, or simply find your footing in the world of dispute resolution, our practice group is the stepping stone you need to transition from training to confidently offering your services to clients.

Explaining About Law
Founder Kimberly Best

I am Kimberly Best, founder of Best Conflict Solutions. My mediation training and experience, coupled with my nursing and psychological expertise, uniquely positions me to understand and address the complexities of conflicts in healthcare settings.

My journey has taken me through nursing school, graduate studies in Clinical/Community Psychology at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, and a master’s degree in Conflict Management from Lipscomb University. With additional certifications from prestigious institutions like Pepperdine University and Harvard Law School, my skill set is comprehensive and diverse.

Currently serving a second term on the board of the Tennessee Association of Professional Mediators, I am also a volunteer mediator for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. In addition, I serve on the Executive Committee of the Dispute Resolution Section of the American Bar Association.

As a member of several associations, including the Association of Conflict Resolution and Mediators Beyond Borders, my goal is to facilitate resolutions that uplift individuals and organizations alike. I am also the author of “How to Live Forever, A Guide to Writing the Final Chapter of Your Life Story” and a sought-after speaker and trainer in conflict management, life transitions, and end-of-life decision-making.

Get to Know
Instructor Kimberly Best

It is my pleasure to send praises for your continued excellence in coaching.

Professor Tracy Allen

Ms Best consistently receives favorable reviews as a role-play coach and mediator.

Sherry Fox

I highly recommend Kim Best as an outstanding Mediation Coach. 

Mark Olvera

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