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Conflict Resolution in Dementia Care with "Rodger That" Podcast

Sep 28 2022
Conflict Resolution in Dementia Care with "Rodger That" Podcast

Conflict Resolution in Dementia Care :: Kimberly Best
Rodger That

What do you do when you are concerned about your parents whose health is deteriorating but your siblings are not? This is just one of the many issues that can create conflict among family members dealing with eldercare. In some cases, a professional mediator can be extremely helpful. Kimberly Best, RN, MA, is a professional civil and family mediator and author. She helps reduce the emotion and conflict between family members so that decisions can be made in the best interest of the older adults involved. Because we all know that sibling relationships can be complicated – to say the least! – but all siblings want what’s best for their parents. — Don't forget to subscribe, download, and review to share your thoughts about the show! To find out more about Bobbi and Mike or the inspiration behind this podcast, Rodger That, head over to ***************************************** Rodger That is produced by Missing Link—a podcast media company that is dedicated to connecting people to intelligent, engaging and informative content.  Also in the Missing Link line-up of podcasts, is The Designated Drinker Show —a high-spirited show featuring craft cocktails and lively banter with the people who create (and quaff) them. Now, if you are looking for a whole new way to enjoy the theatre, check out Between Acts—an immersive audio theatre podcast experience. Each episode takes you on a spellbinding journey through the works of newfound playwrights—from dramas to comedies and everything in between.

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