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Forgiveness and Reconciliation - The Peace of Working Through Conflict

Feb 23 2018
Forgiveness and Reconciliation - The Peace of Working Through Conflict

Forgiveness and Reconciliation- The peace of Working Through Conflict.

The final step in the conflict process is exploring forgiveness and reconciliation. It is a discussion on how to apologize and how to accept apology. To ask for forgiveness and to forgive. Then we move on to reconciliation. What will our relationship look like moving forward. How do we right the wrongs.  
Mike Martin writes:

Many of us struggle to forgive those who have wronged or angered us, especially when we cannot avoid future encounters with them because they are a family member, close friend, or co-worker.

There are two approaches that have helped me whenever I struggle to forgive others. First, I try to recall an instance when I did or said something hurtful to a family member or friend and how much better I felt when we reconciled after that person came to me or I went to them to discuss the situation. I remember feeling grateful for their forgiveness and that we could continue to have a good relationship.

Second, I recall the wise words of a parish priest who often ministered to my family during difficult times. In a homily one Sunday, he said, “Forgiveness is a gift we give ourselves. It frees us from feeling angry and bitter toward others and bottling those feelings inside of us.” Feb23,2018, FaithND

What are your own experiences around forgiveness? What does it feel like to forgive, for you? What does it feel like to be forgiven? What does it feel like to hold onto anger? Would you like help letting it go?

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