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Kimberly A. Best is a professional conflict mediator and author that focuses on conflict coaching, family, and elder care mediation. Kimberly hosts webinars and workshops to connect with others to help them overcome and find a solution.

"I have sat with scores of people at the end of their lives, and in most cases that I have seen, people were dying with personal, financial, and relationship issues that are unresolved. As a result, families were forced to make last-minute decisions without any knowledge of what the dying person wanted."

Author Kimberly Best encourages you to consider what you want the final chapter of your life to look and feel like. How To Live Forever, A Guide to Writing the Final Chapter of Your Life provides you with tools that can help you have the difficult conversations regarding legal decisions, health care plans, relationships, and death. Recognizing the finite nature of our days, we can live purposefully, plan ahead for the end of our life story, and die without regret, living fully to the end and finishing well.

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