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What Our Clients Say


“I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with Kim.  Our office was on the brink of having an emotionally and financially costly breakup of what had been a stable environment.  She stepped in with her impartial, objective approach and met with all parties involved in this complex conflict.  She was skillfully able to bring to light the whole story regarding the situation and make us a better workplace and team than we were before our office conflict even began.”

Jack K., Los Angeles City Attorney's Office

“Kim is the most advanced mediator on our team and does possess a very high level of knowledge in dispute resolution.  She currently handles some of the most complex cases we have here at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.  She is ALWAYS focused on a resolution.  She has a very unique and professional skill set that helps other parties feel more relaxed, at ease, and open to resolving high conflict situations.  Kim has resolved all of the cases that have been assigned to her.  I can’t think of one that has been unresolved.  Kim is the most fair and transparent individual on our team.  She is loyal, honest, and committed.”

Jan S.

“Recently my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  You were very helpful to us with your medical knowledge, helping us understand what the doctor was saying and understanding our options.  Thank you for facilitating our difficult discussions about treatment options and for helping us communicate the process and our wishes to our friends and family.  It was a relief to have knowledge, care, and compassion during this difficult time.  We are at peace.” 

Margaret S.

“Kim Best worked with our family in a time of real crisis.  Difficult decisions had to be made concerning our mother/mother-in-law.  Our family was quite divided on what needed to be done.  In addition, our 83-year-old mother/mother-in-law had some dementia as well as anger and was being verbally abusive and extremely difficult.  She was determined to make bad choices.   Kim led the family through the difficult process of honoring everyone feelings and helped us all work through what was needed for ua and for our mother to understand what was in her best interest.  I know without Kim, the path our mother/mother-in-law would have taken would have been disastrous for her.  We were able, with Kim’s help, to avoid this.  Fortunately, our mother made the choices that would give her the best opportunity toward a safe and better life.”

JJM, Tampa, FL

“I decided to reach out to someone who came highly recommended, Kim Best. It was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.  Her ability to not only understand the situation, but also to provide me with actionable insight was tremendous.  I felt like I could at least take the next step. She has tremendous warmth and compassion to her and I continued to be impressed with her perspective on my ever-changing situation and always guide me through it with posing to me just the question I needed to consider.  I have walked away from every one of our sessions with reassurance, a peace that I can make the best decision for the moment and as I learn new techniques that I can implement immediately that I feel I can now embrace these challenges, enjoy this growth and have the proper mindset to be successful each day.  I highly recommend you invest some time with Kim.  You will unquestionably see a remarkable difference.”

Sherry W.

“I turned to Kim for assistance in dealing with the difficulties of obtaining my own medical reports and image films.  My local hospital said that they would only release my films in person.  I now lived over 900 miles away.  Kim has extensive knowledge in the medical field and she made those same calls to the hospital with completely different results.  Within a week I had the much-needed reports and films.  I cannot thank her enough as dealing with medical issues can be stressful enough without having to fight the system at the same time.  I highly recommend Kim if you have medical problems or issues that need facilitating.”

Brenda L.

“My husband and I are facing some huge life changes.  Kim was able to zero in on exactly  how to help us.  She has a God-given gift of discernment, communication and empathy, but her humility outshines them all and opens the road to REAL HEALING.  Her experience, confidence, professionalism, caring spirit come together to make her the perfect conflict manager.  She….had given us the resources and guidance to help us navigate our tough challenges.  I would refer ANYONE who need help in life’s crazy journey.  ***You will not be disappointed!!***”

Greg S.

“Over the past year I have been dealing with a very difficult situation in my personal life.  I sought the help of a different professional mediator to help resolve the issues.  Unfortunately, this mediator was ineffective and actually made the situation worse.  Kim Best was recommended to me by a friend to help me navigate both the personal conflict and the best way to deal with the other mediator.  Kim was very insightful from the very beginning.  She quickly assessed and understood the situation and provided helpful instruction and compassionate critique of my communication to make it more effective.  Kim challenged me to understand what I really wanted to happen in the situation and how to pursue that effectively.  She sharpened my communication, empowered me to act in confidence, and helped me understand the right and wrong of this situation.  Kim was also an effective sounding board for my interactions with the other mediator, enabling me to interact efficiently based on her insights as a mediator.  Kim is supportive, encouraging and empathetic, honest and insightful.  She has helped to make a very stressful and difficult situation easier to deal with and her experience ultimately saved me a lot of wasted time, effort, and money.”  


“Kim has been such a light in our world.  She’s an amazing person that truly cares deeply about each person she meets.  She’s professionally known as a “conflict manager? And has helped our family work through a multitude of conflict.  …..Kim has helped us all understand that conflict does not mean to separate…to cut ties…to avoid.  But instead, to take it head on! To communicate…to talk about our thoughts and feelings, To LISTEN to each other. And to have compassion and empathy.”


“One thing that stuck with me from our times together was to remain true to what I thought was right and to not act/fail to act out of fear.  Remain true, do what is right, and be willing to accept the outcome.  It is still sometimes a challenge, mostly because I’m not always sure what is the right thing to do, but I have been at rest in the fact that….I am seeking the best interest of the kids, that my motives (being checked by friends who I am accountable to) are correct, and the rest is in God’s hands – it’s not in my control to manipulate the outcome.  So, thank you for empowering me with that very important tool.”

What Our Coaching Graduates Say

"It is my pleasure to send praises for your continued excellence in coaching at our Lipscomb Rule 31 trainings. The students greatly value our outside coaches who provide experience, candor and perspectives to enhance their academic experience.  You have been a stalwart supporter of our mediation model as well as our skills- based learning experience. You also add some “real life” presence for those seeking to follow in your successful footsteps. They are always happy to learn from you and to see an inside view of all the places they can go forth to deploy their skills. Thanks for your support and loyalty."

Professor Tracy Allen

"For over two years, I have worked with Kimberly Best as Deputy Director of the Los Angeles City Attorney Dispute Resolution Program. 

She has also been a valuable member of our training cadre where she has conducted numerous presentations on various mediation topics and served a senior mediator coach and mentor for new mediators. Ms Best consistently receives favorable reviews and positive feedback as a mediator, trainer and role-play coach and is amongst the most talented mediators on our team."

Sherry Fox

"As a Mediator for the Los Angeles City Attorney Office, Dispute Resolution Program I was fortunate to have Kim Best as my Mediation Coach and teacher.  Kim’s inspiring guidance, wisdom, and ability to train the practical concepts of mediations has clearly developed my confidence to perform mediations.  I highly recommend Kim Best as an outstanding Mediation Coach. "

Mark Olvera

"What truly sets Kim apart is her unwavering passion and commitment to professional growth and success. She really went above and beyond to provide ongoing support, encouragement, and constructive feedback to my graduate students. 


Kim demonstrated how to navigate challenging situations with both grace and empathy."

Professor Renata Valree

"Ms. Best's guidance not only enhanced my understanding of mediation, but also equipped me with practical tools and strategies."

Heather Toomes

"As a graduate student who initially had doubts about my ability to become a mediator, Ms. Best's coaching greatly boosted my confidence. Her coaching style can be likened to a gentle breeze, gently guiding me through the intricacies of assisting conflicting parties towards resolution. She empowered me, as a novice, to find my own path in becoming a skilled mediator. I, along with my peers, feel incredibly fortunate to have had her as our mediation coach. I am truly grateful for her guidance and support."

Sandi Adamson

"The impact of Kimberly's trusted advice and mentorship on our learning environment cannot be overstated. Her contributions have been critical in enhancing the confidence and skill levels of our trainees. Through her thoughtful feedback, trainees receive well-organized and actionable insights that further propel their development as effective mediators. Kimberly Best is not just a mediator; she is an exceptional mentor who goes above and beyond to ensure the success of those she guides. Her dedication, expertise, and positive influence have undoubtedly elevated the standard of our mediation training programs. "

Training Director

"Everyone has 24 hours a day. Kimberly Best (Kim) does not have more time than anyone else. However, she always sets aside time to mentor and coach new mediation practitioners. She was always welcoming and unreserved in her sharing while coaching new mediators during the mock mediation practices. She demonstrated her superb active listening, questioning, and reframing skills to diffuse high-tension emotions and navigate through difficult conversations. Kim is an excellent mentor and coach to connect with!”

Kevin Lee

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