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Our Approach

Interacting and communicating with each other

At Best Conflict Solutions, our commitment extends beyond resolving immediate conflicts; we are dedicated to fostering an ongoing process of learning and skill development for those seeking mediation in the healthcare field. Our specialized mediation services are designed to assist medical organizations and individuals in navigating the complex stressors inherent in healthcare environments. We go beyond the surface of conflict resolution by providing clients with a toolbox of skills, ensuring they are equipped to handle future challenges effectively.


Through our meticulous mediation process, we not only address conflicts that arise daily but also take a proactive approach in teaching valuable skills for conflict management. By focusing on skill-building, we empower our clients to cultivate a workplace culture that leads to better care for patients, reduced nurse turnover, and increased overall employee satisfaction. At Best Conflict Solutions, we understand that mediation is not a one-time fix but an ongoing journey of honing skills and creating a resilient foundation for a cohesive healthcare environment.

Our Process

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A man and woman discussing in an office
Healthcare workers discussion

We meet with you to assess the conflict that you and/or your organization are experiencing and help you identify the best solutions. We identify the parties involved, their needs, and the problems that need to be addressed. This initial stage is vital for setting the groundwork for effective resolution and creating a strategy tailored to your organization's specific nuances.


We specialize in equipping individuals with essential conflict resolution tools, including evidence-based communication strategies, listening skills, mediation skills, and negotiating skills, fostering a more effective and collaborative work environment."


From workshops to ongoing relationships with your HR department, we build customized training programs designed to keep your team running smoothly.  Managing conflict better results in better healthcare delivery and higher patient satisfaction.


One of our key differences from other dispute resolution practices is the ability to offer continued support to our clients. We partner with your organization to ensure that your teams have ongoing education and opportunities to process conflict with a professional.   In addition, we are able to serve as a third-party neutral, resolving your in-house conflicts, providing confidentiality, neutrality, and alleviating that time and stress from your managers.


Choose the Service Right for You

Individual Coaching
  • Develop conflict management tools

  • Resolve current conflicts

  • Learn communication skills

  • Hourly or bundled rates

  • Build better relationships

Conflict for Teams
  • Understand your team’s conflict dynamics

  • Resolve current conflict

  • Learn effective communication skills

  • Establish guidelines and practices for future conflict management

  • Build cohesive, collaborative teams

Conflict Training
  • Learn skills for managing conflict before it escalates

  • Interactive workshop: Practice the skills you learn

  • Effective communication and conflict resolution tools

  • Convenient session lengths

  • Tangible takeaways

  • Free managers to do their job by providing:

    • Expert, neutral, unbiased, and confidential conflict management

    • Onboarding of new personnel

    • Annual reviews

    • On-call and remote

    • Customized to your needs.

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