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How to live forever

How to Live Forever
A Guide to Writing the Final Chapter of Your Life Story

Your life is a story, and it's yours to write, all the way through to the end. There are numerous decisions to be made regarding aging, illness, and end-of-life issues, but many people put off those decisions until it's too late. We may be purposeful in planning for our lives, but we often leave the last piece, the final chapter, undefined.


How to Live Forever seeks to lay a foundation for people to live well in the time they have, to leave their stories behind as their legacies, and to write their own best ending so that their final wishes can be honored. Author Kimberly Best encourages you to consider what you want the final chapter of your life to look and feel like, providing you with tools and prompts that can help you have difficult conversations regarding legal decisions, health care plans, relationships, and death and dying. If we recognize the finite nature of our days, we can live purposefully, plan ahead for the end of our life story, and die without regret, living fully to the end and finishing well.



Kimberly hits all the right notes with her exceptional book "How to Live Forever: A Guide to Writing the Final Chapter of Your LIfe Story". It is so important for everyone involved to take the time and consider how to leave this world. Time is our most valuable resource, and being able to spend that time with less stress, sadness and conflict is the greatest gift we can leave behind for those we love. Well done Kimberly!


Kudos from a fellow eldercare mediator!

I appreciated this book so much! It's written in easy to understand terminology with clear step by step instructions. Kim's explanation of wills & health directives is a great basic tool to start conversation with our lawyer. It's also been an invaluable conversation starter with my Mother who is in assisted living. I passed the book on to my sister and friends because we all need guidance that I've never seen anywhere else. Kim makes it easy!


Explanations & Simple Directions

As an aging baby boomer, I thought I pretty much had all of my "end of life" ducks in a row. However, this book was a wake up call on many things I had overlooked. It is a well written guide interspersed with heartfelt examples of why you shouldn't put things off. An easy, informative read and a perfect stocking stuffer for 5 of my lifelong friends. Kudos to Kimberly Best!


Great info on an important topic

Everyone who loves anyone should read this book and heed its call to action to live well and die well. It's unacceptably irresponsible to fail to prepare for the inevitable and the author writes with insight and eloquence regarding the steps to accomplish this. I couldn't recommend more highly. It's absolutely essential reading.


Read it....heed it! Excellent Resource

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