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Decrease turnover and improve patient care with conflict resolution tools and training.  From ongoing training for your staff to the mediation of pressing problems and conflict skills workshops, we offer a solution to your conflict management needs.


The key isn't to avoid conflict but to handle it in a way that turns it into positive outcomes.

Conflict Resolution for Healthcare Organizations & Individuals

Led by Kimberly Best, a trained nurse with 4 decades of experience in the medical field, Best Conflict Solutions strives to help medical organizations and the individuals in them better navigate the stressors of working in healthcare. We mediate the conflicts that happen every day – and teach clients the skills they need to handle conflict when it happens. The result? Better care for patients, lower nurse turnover, and happier employees.


Kimberly Best

From individual conflict coaching to team trainings and on-going support, our customized solutions are created to lower conflict and reduce turnover for your medical organization


Learn the skills you need to navigate conflict in the workplace. As a medical professional, you have responsibilities that can lead to highly stressful situations. With our customized conflict coaching, you'll feel ready to handle workplace stressors, patient care, and the day-to-day pressure of helping people get better.


Individual Coaching

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As a medical team leader or HR manager, you know that turnover is one of the largest issues in today's medical field. Conflict resolution skills training can help your team manage stress and reduce the likelihood of staff departures -- improving morale and patient care. Training can be customized to your needs and timelines.


Conflict for Teams

When issues arise at your healthcare organization, mediation can help bring them to a solution. We create a safe space for all parties involved and guide a collaborative process to a solution that meets everyone's needs in the best possible way. Increase communication and teamwork.



Customized conflict resolution workshops help educate your staff on the skills they need to manage workplace stress and conflict. Even better, workshops can create a team bonding experience that brings the people on your staff together in a positive and productive way, improving employee satisfaction and patient outcomes.



Nurses at work

Meet Dr. S
Local Physican and Practice Owner


The result? Less turnover, more job satisfaction, and unity. 

The most transformative change, however, was the implementation of a robust conflict management system. All new hires were oriented not just on the practical aspects of their roles but also on the collaborative culture and the conflict support that came with it.

It’s no secret that healthcare can be a high-stress environment. But when that stress turns into conflict, it can threaten the very heart of a practice. This was the situation facing a physician's office that was on the verge of fracture, with top employees on the edge of walking out and management entangled in the seemingly endless task of deciphering right from wrong. Long-standing frustrations had reached a boiling point, but before it all imploded, conflict management provided a lifeline.

The turnaround began with an approach that may seem unconventional in the clinical world: the team stopped viewing one another solely as co-workers and started to see each other as people with lives and stories beyond the practice’s walls. I facilitated a gathering that allowed us to discover who each were outside of work. This seemingly simple step changed the whole dynamic; when people felt heard and validated, they opened up. 

Armed with newfound understanding and camaraderie, the team tackled the core issues head-on. The solutions didn’t come from management but from the employees themselves. Leveraging their insights and ideas, they redesigned their office workflow and environment to reflect the kind of workplace they all desired—a space where teamwork and patient care was a top priority.

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Client Reviews 

Jack K., Los Angeles City Attorney's Office

“Kim is the most advanced mediator on our team and does possess a very high level of knowledge in dispute resolution.  She currently handles some of the most complex cases we have here at the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.  She is ALWAYS focused on a resolution.  She has a very unique and professional skill set that helps other parties feel more relaxed, at ease, and open to resolving high conflict situations.  Kim has resolved all of the cases that have been assigned to her.  I can’t think of one that has been unresolved.  Kim is the most fair and transparent individual on our team.  She is loyal, honest, and committed.”

Jan S.

“Recently my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  You were very helpful to us with your medical knowledge, helping us understand what the doctor was saying and understanding our options.  Thank you for facilitating our difficult discussions about treatment options and for helping us communicate the process and our wishes to our friends and family.  It was a relief to have knowledge, care, and compassion during this difficult time.  We are at peace.” 
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